Your one-stop shop
LCMS+ is the only platform built to help you unify your entire program, from calendars to curriculum mapping, assessments to accreditation, gradebooks to lotteries,patient encounters to faculty contribution, room scheduling and more.

Relevant and rigorous
LCMS+ was developed at Duke School of Medicine, designed to meet the superior standards of that world-class institution. Our product roadmap priorities are always focused on the unique and evolving needs of our partners in healthcare education.

Designed just for you
We have designed LCMS+ to meet your real-world challenges, from the day-to-day tasks of course management to your most sophisticated curriculum mapping and accreditation reporting needs. Our goal is to decrease your effort so you can increase your impact.
Flexible and useful
LCMS+ is centered around the calendar, giving each user a clear picture of exactly what they need to do each day, while staff administrators get to see the big picture from many different angles.

Technical transparency
LCMS+ is built on an architecture that offers maximum flexibility and utility while providing superior technical performance. We handle the back-end administration in the cloud while keeping your data fully available to you at all times.

Robust and reliable
You can count on us to deliver superior performance and dependability at all times. Now more than ever, LCMS+ is the most robust and reliable solution available to help you graduate better-prepared healthcare professionals.