One size really can fit all

Our client partners include healthcare education programs across the U.S. and abroad, and the LCMS+ system architecture allows for a great deal of specialized configuration to help meet the unique business needs at each school or program. From brand-new schools to long-established programs, from state universities to private institutions, from large academic health centers to smaller college systems, LCMS+ brings powerful benefits to them all.


What makes a model implementation of LCMS+?

True partnership

From the very beginning of our relationship, you’ll notice that LCMS+ is not just a vendor, and we don’t just offer a piece of software. We become a true partner in your efforts to increase efficiencies and improve outcomes across your program or school. Our team has decades of experience working in all aspects of education, and we bring that expertise to bear in all our work with you.

Most importantly, we listen – whether you need advice on designing evaluations, a review of your curriculum mapping structure, or even something outside your immediate use of the system. We won’t offer a solution until we understand the nature of the issue and why it’s a problem for you. We listen carefully and ask smart questions so we can make sure that the solution we propose is the best possible one.