Our Promise

At LCMS+, we promise to partner with you to tackle every problem in creative, considerate and cost-effective ways. We’ll be transparent in all our communication, and we’ll let you know if we think a different approach will serve you better. We’re focused on making progress every day – that might be a new section of code, a fresh video tutorial, an “aha” moment in a client training or an epiphany in a group brainstorming session. Our ultimate goal is to positively impact public health by improving healthcare education around the world.

Our Style

We are deeply committed to the professional and personal success of each of our team members. We expect outstanding performance from everyone, every day; and we empower each person with the freedom and autonomy to contribute in creative and rewarding ways. We work hard to establish confidence, trust and loyalty across our team, so we can build our client partnerships on that same foundation. We truly enjoy each other’s company, love the flexibility and creativity that our work offers, and get a kick out of how much fun we have every day.

Our Values

Life/work balance is a top priority at LCMS+. We do everything we can to manage our resources and workload so that we can accommodate that priority for our team members and our client partners. We welcome good ideas wherever they come from, and we believe that straight talk leads to the simplest possible solutions. We love what we do and believe in our ability to make a measurable difference for our clients – because your success is our success.