Simplify accreditation

LCMS+ offers in-depth tracking of goals, objectives, competencies and EPAs across your entire curriculum. This means you can align directly with the requirements of your accrediting body to prove what you taught, when and where you taught it, and how it was assessed. LCMS+ is also an approved vendor for the AAMC Curriculum Inventory, and our curriculum mapping capabilities have been cited as a point of excellence in multiple accreditation reviews.

Get the big picture of student progress

The Academic Portrait™ gives you a single place to view a student’s progress in a simple, comprehensive profile: courses and grades, evaluations, portfolio documents and more. The Academic Portrait also provides a shared location for faculty advisors to communicate with each other and their mentored students, and even collaborate on Noteworthy Characteristics for the MSPE. The time savings for students, faculty and promotions committees and staff can be enormous.

Track faculty contribution

Our Faculty Contribution Tracking module (FCT) calculates total faculty contribution based on class time, prep time, course director hours, staff costs, lab fee reimbursements, etc., to generate reports that can be run in real time, at any time. These reports show totals by course, department, division, year, individual, and several other categories, giving you a high-level view of how much it costs to administer your curriculum. Our FCT module can be an invaluable tool to drive your budgetary discussions and decisions.