LCMS+ can help course directors:

  • Demonstrate how the teaching in your course is supporting your overall program objectives
  • Disseminate information and materials to instructors and students
  • Manage various student cohorts that exist within each course
  • Simplify the creation of new courses and reuse content from previous courses with our course rollover function
  • Easily handle repeating events, linked events and other highly structured sets of events
  • Review teaching materials uploaded by faculty and control viewing rights

With these tools:

  • Curriculum mapping of program objectives, session objectives, themes and multiple competency sets
  • A Patient Encounter Tracking system (PET) that can track duty hours, patient encounters, diagnostic conditions, procedures and other clinical elements
  • A course check list tool which provides a streamlined interface and contextual suggestions to simplify the setup process for new courses
  • Evaluation tools to assess instructor and student performance within a course
  • Gradebooks by course, including the ability summarize students across rotations/sections