Rest Assured

The LCMS+ application is backed by top-flight customer service and support from folks who’ve actually been in your shoes. We will make your onboarding process simple, straightforward – and even fun! Throughout your implementation, our experienced team will help you configure LCMS+ according to your institution’s needs, advise on best practices and provide hands-on support every step of the way. The application offers a lot of tools to help you move forward on your own, without requiring our intervention. But we are always here if you need some extra guidance or advice!

Personalized training and support

We offer a “train the trainer” model, which means we will equip your local administrators to become the “super users” at your school. We will teach them how to assist faculty, students and other staff with basic system questions, and they can turn to us for higher-level assistance when needed. These “super users” are the folks who will become registered users on our help desk, and they will filter questions from other users so that resources on all sides can stay focused on the same set of priorities and tasks.

A flexible system that can meet your needs

While there is only one “version” of LCMS+, we have built the application to accommodate specialized configurations that allow schools to more closely match their own business rules for mission-critical needs like security, gradebook access, etc. We issue regular monthly updates to the software and provide easy-to-read release notes to let you know what’s new. And we reach out to our community of clients on a regular basis to get your feedback as we are developing major new features, so we can make sure we’re building what you need.

Commitment to continual improvement

We give all our client partners the chance to contribute ideas for enhancements through our Feature Request Forums, where other schools can “thumbs up” the ideas that they want to see, too. That helps us escalate the development of features that matter the most to the greatest number of schools.  We also offer virtual “community conversations” where schools can come together to share best practices and discuss how they are leveraging the power of LCMS+ for their particular program.