Enterprise Model

Our enterprise license gives you full access to every component of LCMS+, built around a central calendar that helps you manage your entire educational enterprise from a single, unified platform.

Implementation of the enterprise model includes integration with your central authentication and registrar systems. Multiple programs can often be accommodated under a single enterprise license, depending on the needs of your institution. And your customized implementation plan will let you roll out the functionality in phases, so that you can focus your resources most efficiently.

The Enterprise license includes:

  • A fully-integrated central calendar with real-time updates to users’ personal devices
  • Easy import tools to get existing data into LCMS+
  • Rich curriculum mapping including the ability to map EPAs
  • Robust course management tools including the ability to easily manage small group events and materials
  • Content management including sophisticated access controls and ability to Q/A content before release
  • Exams including point bi-serial item analysis and TBL assessment tools
  • Evaluations tied directly to the calendar and curriculum
  • Patient encounter logs including duty hours
  • Lotteries and signups for courses, users and groups
  • Customizable demographics to track any additional information you require
  • Faculty contribution tracking
  • Integration with central authentication (single sign-on)
  • Establishment of automated feeds of users, courses and enrollments from your registrar system
  • Integration with third-party systems that adhere to the LTI 1.0.0 standard
  • The Academic Portrait™, which offers a comprehensive view of students’ performance across their entire tenure at your school

Mapping-Only Model

For programs and schools that aren’t yet ready to purchase an Enterprise license, you can still get access to our powerful curriculum mapping module with a Mapping-Only license.

Curriculum mapping is a cornerstone of LCMS+. Our Mapping-Only license is an economical alternative that allows you to utilize the rich and robust curriculum mapping functionality in LCMS+, including submission of your Curriculum Inventory report to the AAMC (if applicable).

Under the Mapping-Only license, you are also welcome to explore the many other modules available in LCMS+, but you will not be able to implement them for access or usage by students. The Mapping-Only license does not include integration with registrar feeds, central authentication or other existing systems, nor does it allow for any custom development work.

The Mapping-Only license includes:

  • The most robust curriculum mapping available, including the ability to house and track program goals and objectives, session objectives, multiple competency sets and EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities)
  • A “self-serve”, push-button process for completing the AAMC Curriculum Inventory reporting process
  • Assistance with other accreditation reporting needs
  • Access to our knowledge base resources as you explore other functionality in LCMS+