Enterprise License Model

Our Enterprise License gives you full access to all functionality available in LCMS+, as well as dedicated training sessions, client support services, and ongoing professional development resources.

We also know that the software is only as good as the support and training provided – so we work closely with you to develop a customized implementation plan that will let you roll out the functionality in phases according to your needs and help you focus your resources most efficiently.

Our friendly team of experts brings decades of experience in environments just like yours – and we’re here to help you succeed!

Your Enterprise License provides these benefits to you:


  • Access to all capabilities of the licensed software for your designated student cohorts
  • Unlimited number of accounts for faculty, clinical faculty, staff and leadership
  • Opportunity to contribute to product roadmap discussions

Technical services

  • Continuous maintenance, support and updates
  • Integration with your central authentication mechanism (SSO)
  • Establishment of automated feeds of users, courses and enrollments from your registrar/student information system
  • Integrations utilizing the LTI 1.0.0 standard (e.g., most lecture capture systems)
  • All cloud hosting fees, system administration and maintenance of AWS cloud hosting environment


  • A fully-integrated central calendar with real-time updates to users’ personal devices
  • Easy import tools to get existing data into LCMS+
  • Rich curriculum mapping including the ability to map EPAs
  • Robust course management tools including the ability to easily manage small group events and materials
  • Content management including sophisticated access controls and ability to Q/A content before release
  • Exams including point bi-serial item analysis and TBL assessment tools
  • Evaluations tied directly to the calendar and curriculum
  • Patient encounter logs including duty hours
  • Lotteries and signups for courses, users and groups
  • Customizable demographics to track any additional information you require
  • Faculty contribution tracking
  • Integration with third-party systems that adhere to the LTI 1.0.0 standard
  • The Academic Portrait®, which offers a comprehensive view of students’ performance across their entire tenure at your school

Implementation, training and ongoing professional development

  • Structured but flexible implementation project plan, developed in conjunction with your team
  • Personalized web-based training sessions, customized to meet your institution’s needs
  • Professional development resource library for faculty, staff and students
  • Unlimited help desk support for designated super-users
  • Ongoing strategic advising by our team of healthcare education experts around internal resource utilization, accreditation support, curriculum delivery, and faculty development
  • Any additional training sessions needed to ensure successful utilization of the software
  • Consulting services around curriculum revision and planning, if desired

Perpetual support and education

  • “First-in-line” support offered during your accreditation site visits
  • Specialized reporting to help fulfill your accreditation requirements, including for the AAMC Curriculum Inventory
  • Scheduled quarterly check-ins (post-implementation) to ensure your ongoing satisfaction
  • Refresher training (via webinar) as needed for any new personnel