The kind of company we’re building here: Allison talks with serial software entrepreneur Drew Adams on “The Price” podcast.


Allison’s unique combination of skills, experience and instinct have sustained and accelerated the growth of LCMS+ since its founding. With a gift for tracking down talented, smart and friendly people (and luring them in), she has assembled a dream team of developers, educators, advocates and healthcare education specialists committed to delivering best-in-class solutions with exceptional client engagement.

Anyone who works with Allison knows she’s passionate about everything she does. She has an unwavering commitment to the company’s mission, and each LCMS+ team member in turn is energized by that mission of making a positive difference for our client partners every day.

“My job is to inspire our team to reach a little higher with every effort,” says Allison. “We’re always focused on improving the value of our service and solutions in every possible way.”

Allison has taken an unconventional path to executive leadership at LCMS+. As a copywriter for Grey Advertising, owner of an executive communications firm, advisor to startup companies, local PTA President and even a cabaret singer, she’s taken something from every experience and layered it into the next adventure.

Drawing on her abilities to communicate and lead, plan and execute, inspire and dream, Allison is guiding the company forward on a dynamic and promising path. Along the way, she has created and nurtured a workplace environment that everyone at LCMS+ is happy and proud to be a part of.

Allison has been married for 26 years and has three children. She loves to travel, tries to cook, and occasionally gets on stage to channel her inner Barbra Streisand. Originally from Kansas and then Los Angeles, Allison now happily calls Chapel Hill (NC) home.