Introducing the Academic Portrait™

The LCMS+ Academic Portrait gives you the complete picture of
a student’s learning and professional readiness.

Courses and Grades

Track all courses and grades, and click straight back to the source course for in-depth review.


Evaluations of the student, by the student, and evaluations still to be completed.

Attendance Data

Track all excused (and unexcused) absences and view requests for leaves of absence.


Create any number of custom demographic fields about your students.


Students, staff and faculty advisors can create notes that can be private or shared.


Upload, organize and export documents and materials related to the student’s performance.


Beautiful new theme

The Academic Portrait is part of our new visual theme, which provides a more powerful user experience and more intuitive navigation to help you get your work done faster.  

All the data you need is now more accessible than ever, in the new LCMS+.